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Of corse not....unless you live in a Nation of Laws; a Nation where even you, Joab, enjoy a presumption of innocence; and when the full wight of the State cannot find a crime, you are generally granted innocence. After all, Joab, you were must have been guilty of something.
Now who is relying on a judge.
You are pissed because I won't come to judgment based on a one sided article quoting the family and trial lawyer. That hardly compares to the full weight of the state.
All Hail Joe Stalin now.
What an absolute farcical debate.
What a farcical comment
because I won't accept the testimony in the court of public opinion of the family and their lawyer, I am now a communist sympathizer?

I cannot understand how you can build a soapbox out of one prejudiced article anymore than you can understand how I can't
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