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Rich Lucibella
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No Rich, lack of evidence is not positive evidence to the contrary
Of course not....unless you live in a Nation of Laws; a Nation where even you, Joab, enjoy a presumption of innocence; a Nation where, when the full weight of the State cannot find a crime, you are generally granted innocence, not only by the COURTS but by Me Also. After all, Joab, you were must have been guilty of something.

I'm pretty certain you bear watching, too, Joab....did you fill in those IRS forms without error? Why are you traveling to have no family there. You seem to have a whole lot of cash in your pocket....hmmmm, it's "tainted" with cocaine, too. Did you just question my AUTHORITY to search you for dangerous weapons, Joab? My records show you do have a Firearms Permit, no?

All Hail Joe Stalin now.
What an absolutely farcical debate.
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