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You can't make a judgment about the 4 AM STORMING of a US CITIZEN RESIDENCE that the EVIDENCE SHOWS was not engaged in drug trafficking?
No Rich, lack of evidence is not positive evidence to the contrary
You can't make judgment regarding the RESPONSIBILITY of AMERICAN CITIZEN'S to protect their families against home invasions in the dark of night?
Where have I said that I can't make that judgment
Where has that been factually established as the motive for the woman arming herself?

You can't understand what all the hubbub is when a MOTHER is gunned down for pointing a LEGAL FIREARM at/toward/near/around a [perhaps unknown] INVADING STATE AGENT?
Where have I said that?
I have stated my position on what you call "hubbub"? My stated position is simply against the unwarranted attack on the police noting more.
Perhaps I should have said that have not presented my opinion or judgment instead that I have made no judgment, there may have been less room for twisting
Well, then....I suggest you should relinquish your right to VOTE....until, of course, you have "all the facts"
Well, I try to arm myself with at least some of the facts before I vote. Don't you?
I certainly don't make my choice simply based on an article presenting the opinion of the opposing party
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