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the blood is boiling now

According to the suit, officers had found “trace amounts of drugs” in trash cans outside of the home.
Do you know how many times I've picked up trash from my front yard, my next door neighbors' yards, and the street in front of my house, and placed it in my trash can? And since there was a crack house on my street 3 houses down a few years ago, do you know how incredibly easy it would be for 'trace amounts' of drugs to be found on some trash I grabbed off my lawn?

I know what would happen if I was king for a day. The police chief AND the magistrate who authorized this would be publicly hanged, and I'm not kidding. We have GOT to start holding the government accountable for their wrongful deaths, in a big way.

If there's any justice, the Baltimore cops will be bankrupt and the lady's family very very rich when this is all over.
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