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You will also see that I have made no judgment either way on this case
I am about sooooo done here.

- You can't make a judgment about the 4 AM STORMING of a US CITIZEN RESIDENCE that the EVIDENCE SHOWS was not engaged in drug trafficking?

- You can't make judgment regarding the RESPONSIBILITY of AMERICAN CITIZENS to protect their families against home invasions in the dark of night?

- You can't understand what all the hubub is when a MOTHER is gunned down for pointing a LEGAL FIREARM at/toward/near/around a [might have claimed-to-be] INVADING STATE AGENT IN HER BEDROOM AT 4 IN THE MORNING?

- You can't make a judgment as to how many Noel Family Terrors go unreported by the press....because they don't result in shots fired; just families terrorized? Is it 10:1 Noel? 50:1 Noel? 100:1 Noel? If you can't venture a "judgment", would you AT LEAST venture a GUESS?!!!!

- You need a Judge to tell you how you should think on these issues?....they are each FACT or ramification of the FACT.

Well, then....I suggest you should relinquish your right to VOTE....until, of course, you have "all the facts" before Election Day.
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