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the indisputable evidence of the results of the raid strongly suggest that there was not adequate justification for a no-knock raid in the first place.
Perhaps so but is there indisputable evidence that..
Its ok, the cops were able to go home at the end of their shift
Don't worry, a small baggie of drugs will be found - curiously enough the correct size to fit into a tactical cargo pocket - and that will justify the whole thing!
cops are out there digging in people's trash to find "trace" amounts of dope.
$100 says that no one hangs for this like they should.
And my favorite bit of vitriol, cheered on by you by the way
the murder could have been stopped by having arrested all the cops before the incident happened, or by throwing a flashbang into their "planning room" session, then shooting each of them three times, just to make sure that they didn't go forward with their murder".
And one from you
im sure later after they tear apart the house that an arsenal will be found, a kilo of coke with their names clearly written on the bag and a an entire meth cooking lab discoverd in the cellar.
I'll admit that this site steered the thread in a more constructive way than the other did, for the most part, but is all that really necessary?
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