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Why do you keep doing that?
If you read my posts from the beginning you will see that I am not focusing on any time frame.
My contention has been that an article that gives only the family and trial lawyer's account of the incident is enough evidence for some to start with the cop bashing that seems so prevalent on these boards.
When that same level of "evidence" against an arrested gun owner would be dismissed as propaganda

My reference to those three seconds in my last two or three posts was a direct response to AzureFly's attempt to paint me as a hypocrite.

You will also see that I have made no judgment either way on this case, although some here ,predictably, paint me as a sheep for the state because I refuse to rush judgment and condemnation of people who happen to be cops based on a one sided article.

Perhaps coincidently but every post prior to my first was simple cop bashing and nothing more.
The post immediately after mine was a call for more info before judgment.

I have no opinion on this particular raid because there is no reporting on the issues that led the police to conduct the raid in this fashion.
And I have no training or insight on what exactly goes on in the planning of these raids, this one in particular.

I do have an opinion on how these cop bashing threads reflect on us as a community or group
Of the last three people I have directed to this site, and one other, two have come back and said that we seem like a bunch of anarchists and their opinion of "gun nuts" was only strengthened by the encounter.
The other just laughed it off and called us the anti Brady Bunch, implying that, in his opinion we were as nutty and zealous as they are and hs wife called us scary.

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