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Nope, considering that the article that started the thread states that the lawyer said the woman was pointing the gun at the floor, not at the cop.
Once again read the entire comment, not just the part that fuels your attack
If you want split frog hairs about the definition of "pointed at" go somewhere else.
Clear enough for you?
And as long as we're playing the word twisting game, where did I say that she was intentionally pointing it at the cop?
Where did I even imply that she could not have been righteously targeting the threat behind the door, which just happened to be a cop?
Where have I made any judgment of the legality or righteousness of her actions?
Can't find that anywhere can you smart guy?

And for the record I am not so stupid as to believe that anyone would try to defend their home with a handgun by threatening to ruin the carpet
So, Joab, since you seem to have been there when it all went down, and feel at liberty to change the story of how it proceeded, why don't you just write a letter to the DA in Baltimore and tell him that you will come in and meet with him to tell him what really happened
More TwistyBoy BS from AF. Read this again if it helps
If you want split frog hairs about the definition of "pointed at" go somewhere else

Gee, joab, you don't think that the entry and/or exit points for the first two shots might be somewhat different from that of the third shot, alleged to have been fired once she had collapsed to the floor?
And your point is?
Or did you even think that comment out enough to have a point.
Or are you saying that someone one who has dropped to the ground after being shot must also be assumed to have been killed instantly, and that if the shots were fatal there could be no involuntary muscle spasm while on the ground that would have the appearance of reaching for the gun or attempting to fire it.
Read the post again.
You can read real slow and even move your lips if you need to
Wouldn't that depend on whether the first two shots could be determined to have been instantly fatal or at least incapacitating to the point that could be no twitching and/or involuntary muscle movement
Not one single word or implication about whether she as standing or laying down after those first two shots, now is there?

It is obvious that your only reason to post here is to attack me yet again. And yet again you resort to easily refuted juvenile attempts at word twisting.
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