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The police have the DUTY to give the homeowner the benefit of the doubt. The police & courts have the DUTY to diligently pre-screen these no-knock raids so as to minimize the incidence of raids on the innocent. I do believe that the police should EXPECT to find armed homeowners of the innocent variety any time they execute such a no-knock warrant, and be prepared for such, so as to minimize the chances for unwarranted loss of life.

After all -- if someone comes busting in my door, I'm drawing! I don't have the luxury of hanging around and trying to ascertain whether or not it is a bad guy or a good guy -- they are BUSTING DOWN MY DOOR! It is the cops' job to defuse the situation, not mine -- after all, they instigated the situation.
Apparently I really suck at delivering my thoughts and opinions on this subject.

Allow me to try once again:

The police, having the inteligence (reason for the raid), decide that 4am is the correct time to execute such raid.

The police, have the intellignce, that the one to be raided is armed.

The police, having the aforementioned intelligence, decide that the public good is best served by hostile, home invasion tactics.

At 4 am, the armed homeowner is raided, and killed.


It seems to me that the police were dirrectly responsible for that death.
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