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Like Rich said you cant blame the officers or the guys in the field because they were doing what they were briefed to do. You can blame the policy of doing no knock raids on locations where there has been no history of criminal violence. Now if it was a known crack house with violent offenders out the wazoo who are armed a no knock raid would probably be appropriate.

What makes me mad is the fact that these folks had no history of any criminal violence. Where did the tip that these folks have drugs come from. How hard can it be to check a location and persons for a criminal history. What was going through the heads of those that are entrusted to be in charge and make sure its a good bust?

Now there is a cop who has to live with the fact he killed a wife and mother because those he trusted to lead him messed up or were too zealous. If I were a CCW holder or had a weapon at home I would be very nervous about these type of situations happening. Having a CCW may get you killed in a no knock raid if the police check.

Our rights to self defense and civil liberties are being nullified by the state with these no knock raids. In a no knock raid if the address is screwed up or its charges blown out of proportion you have the right to die. The law enforcement ageny says sorry and thats about all you get from them in some cases.

The second part of this equation needs to be accountability.
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