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How could freedom loving Americans NOT be incensed by this growing trend?
Agreed. From the perspective of the homeowner, what does that no-knock raid look like? A home invasion, a kick-in robbery attempt of the type that is becoming all too common nowadays. And even identifying themselves as police while performing the no-knock raid does nothing to diffuse the situation since it has also become all to common that kick-in home invasion perps are doing the same thing: announcing themselves to be police, etc.

The police have the DUTY to give the homeowner the benefit of the doubt. The police & courts have the DUTY to diligently pre-screen these no-knock raids so as to minimize the incidence of raids on the innocent. I do believe that the police should EXPECT to find armed homeowners of the innocent variety any time they execute such a no-knock warrant, and be prepared for such, so as to minimize the chances for unwarranted loss of life.

After all -- if someone comes busting in my door, I'm drawing! I don't have the luxury of hanging around and trying to ascertain whether or not it is a bad guy or a good guy -- they are BUSTING DOWN MY DOOR! It is the cops' job to defuse the situation, not mine -- after all, they instigated the situation.
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