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Nope, considering that the article that started the thread states that the lawyer said the woman was pointing the gun at the floor, not at the cop.
Where she was pointing the gun should have no basis at all on the justification of the shoot.

Let's assume for a minute that she was a dirtbag protecting her turf. 4am, shouting, flashlights, lots of men running around in her house. Sleepily grabs her gun to protect the "innocent children" under her care. Armed man enters her bedroom on the second floor, (presumably) shouting...yet she still doesn't fire.

Which one of us, "Honest, law-abiding", under the same circumstances, wouldn't have been reloading before the 1st cop hit the floor.

It seems to me that the untrained civilian woman criminal showed more restraint than the SWAT pro.

Before y'all go nuts on me here, I know that she was an alledged criminal, and I probably would not have fired on the cop at all....let alone got off a full mag.

I think that this situation is total crap.
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