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I, too, spent 4 years in Bawlamer. It's hardly East LA.

But that isn't the issue; nor is the issue our ability to put these cops on trial based on the info available. Respectfully, the ISSUE, sir, is the fact that a mother is dead; shot to death in her own bedroom in the middle of the night by agents of the government sworn to protect and serve. And what were the fruits of the raid? One Mis-D, released on recognizance, drug bust.

Now THAT is a subject for which we have enough info to properly discuss, analyze and come to conclusion. My conclusions are simple:
1) The cops never should have been there under these circumstances in the first place; and it happens FAR too often, for increasingly diminishing fruits of the search;

2) THIS woman never should have been placed in a position of having to identify the invaders of her bedroom from a dead sleep in the first place;

3) The officers may have acted appropriately, but only if they can sleep well at night with the excuse that they "were only following orders";

4) The State let this family down and killed a Mother needlessly. Her life is over; no more sunrises; her children will grow up without her.

5) Too many, in the public and even on this board, encourage these types of raids by dismissing lost lives, such as Cheryl Noel's, under the guise of "Well, she must have done something wrong". Just how low do we want to drop the bar to warrant a summary sentence of DEATH?

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