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I also dislike speculation, so what are the facts that are known?
  • The police conducted a no-knock raid in the wee hours of the morning;
  • A woman standing in her bedroom with a gun was killed by the police;
  • The other people in the house were charged with misdemeanor drug possession and released on their on recognizance, and;
  • [A bit of negative evidence] I have seen no claims that anyone in the house had a criminal history.
What bothers me is why there was a no-knock raid in the first place. It does not appear that the suspects were hardened, repeat offenders. And the resulting charges show that the suspects were not big-time drug dealers. So why call in SWAT?

While there is no evidence, I get pretty nervous over the possibility that the police may have felt that a no-knock SWAT raid was warranted because they might have known that someone in the house owned a gun.
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