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Food for thought/Microsoft "patches"

As another thread mentioned MS patches I had to put this in!!
I bought a E Machines W2260 in April 2004 New from wallyworld.
I upgraded the HD to 80GB and the memory to 1024MB.
The first time I turned it on in 2004 I turned off and removed as much of the MS Update stuff as I could.
There have never been any MS updates,patches or what ever loaded into this machine.
I have had no security problems,viruses.worms or any other problems with security. So this being said,I wonder exactly it is that MS downloads into your computer in these "patches" and "security fixes"?
I have the Firewall on,
I use AVG anti virus(free)
AdAware SE Personal(free)
Spybot Search and Destroy(free)
Panicware's Pop Up Stopper(free)
V Cleaner(free) and
Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool(free)
This is the machine I am writing this on and as I said before,I have had no problems.
I have downloaded music,visited -CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED- sites(don't tell me you haven't!) and been all over the net since 2004 and if anything hit me the tools stopped or removed it.
I have had computer sites such as PC Doctor etc., run checks on my machine for problems and they report it as clean.
I visit sites selling virus/spy/adware "tools" and they run a free scan and report me as clean.
Latest scan was yesterday.
Again it seems the more people download MS security patches and quick fixes,the more problems they have.
Kind of makes you wonder don't it?
Don't believe the hype!!!
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