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Rich Lucibella
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You're arguing "degree" in Public Policy, when you should be arguing consistency in same. If it is .gov's role to ensure that we all live productive lives under threat of imprisonment, then certainly tobacco should rate extremely high on the Hit List:
- It significantly increases morbidity and, thus, productivity.
- It directly and adversely affects the children in your family
- It significantly reduces the number of years you will be on the planet and, thus, your "productivity".

No, I don't think that .gov should be the arbiter of whether we become productive or not. But, that does seem to be the argument when it comes to TWoSD, doesn't it? If so, then wage that "War" consistently, or tell us what the REAL motives are. Because, thus far, I see nobody winning anything, unless we were to measure .gov's insatiable appetite to co-opt our freedoms and rights and call that a "good" thing.
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