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Rich, you are exactly right. Tobacco is highly addictive and wreaks untold havoc on productivity and health. BUT, the reason that is hasn't been banned by the ban-happy gov't is because the many millions addicted to this drug are still able to retain enough mental sobriety when using it, to perform and function in society- hold and perform well in jobs, run their families & homes, etc. And the effects last just minutes, not hours. So people can function. It is actually far more addictive than most other drugs, but it doesn't wreak the *immediate* havoc on productivity/functioning, like alcohol and other drugs. Some habitual drunks can perform while under the influence of alcohol, but MOST cannot, unlike tobacco, and so their careers and families eventually go to hell in a handbasket. But, yes, one thing is clear, that IF one buys the reasonings behind the war on drugs, then most certainly, alcohol should be banned much sooner and with more severe restrictions than pot, because the effects of violence-causation and other ills are far worse than with weed. Nicotine has equal or worse long-term effects, arguably, but people hooked on nicotine can still undertake high-stress jobs that require a high level of mental and/or physical performance. Not true of the habitual daily pothead. They typically can perform menial/ manual labor jobs, at least until the stuff fries them long-term. Make no mistake - alcohol pickles your brain longterm too, however. But smoking doesn't pickle you or make you unable to perform work. It just makes you have to take a lot of breaks to smoke, and then bathroom breaks - nicotine is a great laxative. And then eventually makes you sick and kills you.
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