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Rich Lucibella
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Nothing is more addictive than nicotine.
Overall, more than one-third of all regular cigarette smokers, many of these still in middle age, will be killed by the habit. Smokers lose an average of 20-25 years of non-smoker life expectancy. Tobacco also causes excess morbidity. Up to 14% of all preterm deliveries in the U.S. may be attributable to maternal smoking. Children whose parents smoke experience more respiratory symptoms and have an increased frequency of bronchitis and pneumonia.

It would be relatively easy to Police illegal use.....far easier than marijuana, since the tobacco "doper" reeks of the stuff and needs a "fix" every 15 minutes. It's difficult for me to imagine that anyone in favor of the War on Some Drugs would be opposed to criminalizing tobacco use. Tobacco addiction brings into play every single societal concern of legalizing marijuana or cocaine use: it kills the user, robs him of years of "productivity" and directly injures his children and all those around him.

"Well, tobacco's different from pot", you say? "After all it hasn't generated an entire class of violence and crime." The only reason it hasn't spurred formation of criminal smuggling syndicates and "territories" is because it's legal.

If there is anything I value in public debate, it is intellectual honesty and consistency. No one could possibly refuse to countenance the legalization of marijuana (as one example) while turning a blind eye to the "evils" of tobacco. (And all you Fat People will be next! )
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