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Computer users beware!!!

This problem is with the windows XP platform.

There is either a virus hitting or bad updates by Microsoft being pushed out.
I have had 10 machine here at work and about 6 private customers call me and report that their computers will not boot. Your computer will make it to the login prompt but as soon as you try and login it will give you the blue screen of death and reboot itself. This process will continue over and over.

Here is the fix:
You will need a Windows XP CD. Insert the Windows XP CD into the CDROM and boot to it (may require pressing F12 while booting to get the boot device list come up and choose CDROM) after booting to the CD you will want to go to the recovery console. once you are able to get to the command prompt, then you will type in chkdsk /repair and press enter. This will repair the damaged files and resolve the problem.
This problem seems to be picking up speed as I have had about 10 machines in the last couple of days here at work develop this problem and had about 6 private customers call me in the last two days with it.

Heads up folks - file this away in the ole brain in case it happens to you.

Mods, please move this to the correct forum or somewhere that it will continue to be seen by the members here. I kmow this isn't about firearms but I wanted to make sure my fellow members were aware if this situation.
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