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Is there a down-side to too much bullet?

If it's not obvious, I'm new to hunting. I've been talking to people when ever I get the chance, trying to gather info before the fall. I plan on taking a "Hunter's Safety Class" before I go, but in the mean time I keep asking questions.

The type of hunting I'd do on my first time out would be deer in thick mountain brush. The buddy who's taking me says 99% of the shots would be 25 feet to 50 yards tops. I have a S&W .357magnum w/6" barrel and a 4x scope that he said would be perfect. He might use his SKS. The local deer are not very large, as deer go. I'm not interested in using a handgun on my first hunt, but that's one end of the spectrum in terms of caliber advice I'm getting.

Talking to another hunter, I hear a story about an Elk hit with some big magnum round. The Elk's shoulder was shattered, and the bullet went through the heart and both lungs -- and on three legs without vital organs it ran/stumbled for 200 yards before it dropped... His advice is use the biggest caliber you can and have as clean a kill as possible.

So, to get to my question. I'd rather risk "overkill" than "underkill". Is there any downside to using a larger caliber than is necessary? Other than recoil, noise, and perhaps expensive bullets?

I was considering getting a CZ 527 in 7.62x39, comparable to 30-30 as I understand it, and a round I already "stock". Now I'm thinking I should just go for a .308 and be done with it.

Thanks for the info.
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