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How many deer do coyote kill, and ratio of deer to coyote

Friend says that he reads that each coyote kills about forty (40) deer each year. I say that that is impossible; if true, there would be no deer left in less than one year, because there's not even that large of a ratio (40 to 1). He says no, there are many many times the number of deer vs. coyotes, them being herbivores vs. predator/carnivore. But when I hear them howling, it sounds like there are 15-25 coyotes just within 1 mile of me. Even if there are 600 deer (15x40) within 1 mile of me, the deer would all be killed in one year, and there's no way there's 600 deer within 1 mile. I'd be surprised if there were 100 deer within 1 mile; probably closer to 20 or 30. I say I'd be surprised if an average coyote killed 1/10th that amount (4) per year (and if so, probably all fawns - the ones that are killed by yotes). What say you? What the typical ratio of deer to coyote?

Here's some links to get started on the subject:
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