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I have the same ruger model in the same .223 caliber...I added a long harris bipod to mine,butler creek flip up lense covers for the front and rear.. and put a TASCO 6-24x on it.thats right, a 80 dollar new in the box tasco.theres no irons on it,the scope has remained sighted in and zero'd since the day I originally sighted it in...its almost boring to shoot groundhogs with,theres just no rocks!

I sighted mine in with blackhills 51 gr vmax ballistic tips@125 yards.I have to special order them as the dealer doesnt stock them anymore.I put the power on 16 and sit an wait,those ballistic tipped rounds will do the job in 1 shot and with less chance of the round passing through and a riccochet.

its the best buy I ever made.
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