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Calling all collectors...

Ammo that's 40, 50, and 60 years old, IN ORIGINAL BOXES???

You don't want to sell it on a shooters' forum like this, you want to sell it to collectors. All the more so if the original boxes are in very nice condition.

Seems the collector crowd wants old stuff, any old stuff, and they pay a super premium for old stuff in its original packaging, the more so if the packaging is really nice.

You'd think the an-teeky people weren't collecting "stuff," but packaging materials, the way they price up old items with pristine packagaing. (shrug) OK, everybody to their own obsession.

Anyhow, get ye on over to E-Bay and talk with the antique hounds. Someone with more money than sense will take the stuff off your hands for a pretty profit.
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