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actually its just the standard sporting m77 mkII. im hoping with a little more ammo tests and a new trigger i can shrink that group down to one hole.

as for the mueller scope -
i absolutly love it. i really cant seem to find anything that will compete with this mueller as far as quality/price so i will prabably be getting another one for my next bolt gun. very clear but its not quite as bright as the leupold VX-III i did a little side by side comparison with. I love the target turrets, they have a audible and very deffinite click - doest feel cheap. must remember...the vx-III is about 4 times the price.

the only other scopes im really curious about are the nikko-sterling optics you can get from legacy sports but they dont seem to be very popular at all so im going to pass on those and the bushnell banner 6-24 but im not really sure about that one...its a 130 dollar scope. cant imagine its much better than a tasco or a simmons.

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