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Rich Lucibella
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I don't feel the September issue was geared toward internet commandos. I have just found that many of the reviews have been for items L/E and Military use but are tested by folks who test them for a day or so at the range or a 3-5 day firearms class.
Ummm, very few advances in Tactics and Training originate with Delta or HRT; they traditionally come from civilian and law enforcement trainers. That's a simple fact....simply ask the SEALS why they train with every "range guy" they can find.

It would be nice to have items reviewed by guys and gals that actually wring them out in the real world.
Louis Awerbuck, Eric Gelhaus, Denny Hansen, Tiger McKee, Eitan Meir, Scott Reitz, Pat Rogers, Clint Smith, Leroy Thompson, Brent Wheat, James Yeager.....I just ran out of the "off top-o-head" names that come to mind. Apologies to the stellar cast that I've slighted.

All of which begs the question, once again.....just which pieces or authors did you find lacking and why?
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