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He no longer has any ambitions, energy, or, it seems, any hope
With all due respect, has he directly hurt himself or others as the result of his marijuana use? If not, then our only reasoning for the argument against his CHOICES is that .Gov should be able to step in to criminalize CHOICES that it finds a 'danger'. Once we accept that reasoning, .Gov of your senior years has every right to CRIMINALIZE your ownership of firearms....just look to Hinckley for the reasoning.

I know of at two successful physicians that destroyed practice and family over their addiction to sporting IS "addicting" to the right person, regardless of whether it is to you or me. Shall this now be the type of standard against which society evaluates our behaviors and escapes? I certainly hope not. Shall we look to sex, marriage, alcohol, auto speed, compulsive shopping and compulsive eating to find tomorrow's "scourges of productivity"....these are each bigger problems than Marijuana. Let .gov criminalize the "immoral" and you give that same agency purview over every detail of your own life.....worse yet, you relinquish any right whatsoever to complain.
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