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Rich Lucibella
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We truly welcome your input but I disagree with your analysis. First off, SWAT has never gone above 41% advertising in a world where 45-50% is the industry standard. Whenever ads have threatened that percentage, we add 16 pages at no extra charge; just to make certain you get better than full value of Editorial. The Sweeps was hardly a SWAT trademark...and was only added in when we had room. It's the first to go when Editorial is being squeezed...and that is as it should be.

If you feel the September(?) issue is geared toward "Internet Commandos", by all means call us on it....but mention the specific articles that disappointed and the reasons why. This Forum is not meant as a cheering section for SWAT...if we disappoint, we honestly want to hear it. But we need a bit more specificity to act than you've provided; and I encourage you do so.

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