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What Happened?

I have been a subscriber for almost 3 years and I just noticed in my last issue that almost every right page is a full page ad. Last year you guys claimed to have 100 pages and now are not doing that anymore , the issue would be half the size if you took those full-page ads out. You also brought back the drawing sweepstakes but I have noticed they are gone again. As a LEO, I started my subscription due to all the excellent info in it for those of us in law enforcement but now I see the magazine is steering away towards internet commandos. I guess this is a trade-off for getting 12 issues a year. I will continue to look forward to the articles written by Reitz, Thompson, McKee, Rogers and Awerbuck and as much as I agree with other LEO's about
Wolfe being anti-government and anti-police, her Liberalist spew thrown in once a month mixes it up a bit and always makes for a good read.
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