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I have an acquaintence that says he has been smoking weed daily since around 1970. He has not gotten "addicted" because he can and does at times go without it for a few weeks to pass a drug test with no cravings at all.
He has not had to go go the harder stuff.
He has not committed crimes to get more.
He has been productive in society and still is.
He has however, found that he can't remember much.
He has bad short term memory loss.
He has erectile dysfunction
His eyesight is failing quite fast
He is quite lethargic and usually stays home and don't participate in activities
His personal hygeine is poor
His place is a mess
He don't care what or when he eats,leading to poor health also.
From this and other folks I know that smoke weed, I say the "leads to harder stuff" is the person,not the weed.
I don't think I like the idea of legal "drugs" because I don't feel people in general would be responsible with it as some folks think they would.
Look at how many folks in all walks of life do use "drugs" now. Think of how many we don't know about.
People are going to try to do what they want to do no matter what the law is. Lots will get away with it,some don't.
It's a long row to hoe and I don't think much will become of it without millions being poured into the "studies" and wasted time and effort. In the end, people will do what they want to do.
Don't believe the hype!!!
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