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Do legal drugs reduce the number of dangerous or non-functional addicts, or the number of overdoses?

Do legal drugs help keep potential abusers/addicts integrated with society?

Do legal drugs reduce violence in society?

Do legal drugs offer anything for society to profit from, given the track record of abusers not showing up for work, going on welfare, and placing a strain on emergency services?
Denny, If we look at alcohol as a test case, then I think the honest answer is probably no to all your questions (with the exception of #2. I think taking the massive profits out of drug dealing would reduce violence) . The problem I see, is that keeping them illegal is not doing anything to help with these issues.

Wouldn't it be better to use the money we pour into trying to stop the flow of drugs into something more useful, such as researching how we can help people break their addictions?
The current "state of the art" in drug treatment is based on Alcoholics Anonymous, which was invented in 1935, and is based on the founder claiming to have had a direct visit from God, who removed his drinking problem. AA teaches that only God can save you.

AA itself estimates that only about 5% of those people entering AA actually stay sober as a result.
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