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Aw, yea!

Murphy is at every match


1)Slow is Smooth
2)Smooth is Fast
3)Fast is Deadly

4)Frontsight, Press

5)Always bring extra ammo

6)Every plan is a good plan untill the timer goes off
Ain't number 6 the beautiful truth?

Well, for only the second match I've shot, the State Match that I just participated in went fairly well. Placed fifth in my division (14 in it), and if I'd just kept my head about me, I'd have placed a tad higher.
  • When hitting the reactor targets, make dang sure the hits are as high as you can make them to take advantage of the leverage principle
  • And if the bloody reactor target is just standing there smiling at you, don't be ashamed to reload so you can have two shots left in the gun to take out the other swinger that only shows it's face ONCE for two hits!
  • Have a simple, large grin on your face when you tell the RO that "that's not a miss - it's a perfect double on the head shot, isn't it???"
  • Emergency reloads are OK to drop the empty mag on - if you've kept your head about you and drop the mag when you've shot the 10 in it, you'd better keep retention of the mag if the pipe is still full! If not, the nice RO holds up his left arm and index finger indicating "you bad...., have three seconds..."
  • HAVE FUN - I DID!!!
  • Slow down just a tad - missing targets isn't good for the score, nor is shooting the bloody things out of order.
  • Enjoy the time shooting with others - they'll probably wind up being a friend later on!
  • Practice, shoot some more matches, practice, shoot some more matches...and just HAVE FUN!!!
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