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I think you're missing the point. As the original thread started stated, perfectly good discussions are destroyed here through poor moderation.
Yes, but I have seen good forums ruined by what many members felt was essentially gestapo moderation. Whether or not the moderators are doing a good job seems to depend on how well they let things develop on their own and how well they don't. The problem is, what one member sees as inattention and/or lack of polices is what another sees as freedom. What one sees as good moderation is what another sees as too many restrictions and gestapo tactics.

Well-run forums have set rules regarding when a moderator can and cannot close a thread.
Since you think this forum is so terribly challenged in its moderation and that it needs better policies, maybe you can do something more constructive than complain here and in other threads of this forum about how much you don't like it and maybe instead suggest specifically what policies you think need to be inacted, provide examples of forums you think are being so well run and then maybe you can make a better point to the moderators. Otherwise, your comments just sound like complaining but have no substance. You can complain about the weather, but your complaints alone aren't going to do much to change it. Try seeding the clouds instead.
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