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when you stopped smoking marijuana cold turkey, did you have withdrawl symptoms and such?
I quit cold turkey more or less, there wasn't much of a "withdrawl" at all. THC stays in your body for a long time and is gradualy eliminated from the system. There is no sudden drop or crash as there is with other drugs. The withdrawl I got when I stopped drinking caffine for awhile was worse than when I stopped smoking pot. You can smoke pot for years and if you really want to, you can stop smoking pot just like you can stop drinking soda. IIRC THC dissolves into fat tissue and functions as a large time release pill. That is why you don't see any "Pack a day" pot smokers, you don't need alot and it stays with you. At most I smoked once every few days.

/Oddly enough, I didn't grow the hippie hair until years after I stopped smoking.
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