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I got a question for you, when you stopped smoking marijuana cold turkey, did you have withdrawl symptoms and such? I hear people addicted to tobacco and alcohol can go through withdrawl symptoms, I haven't seen for myself though. I think you just stated something that most people wouldn't admit to... experience. Most of the people that label marijuana as an evil "gateway" drug, and dangerous have probably never actually met people who don't abuse it. Most of these people also haven't read their history and notice that it's only within these last few hundred years that it was villainized, yet has existed as something valuable to many cultures and religions. Would it be wrong of me to say that ANY substance can be abused because people themselves make those poor choices to abuse? I've met alcoholics, and I've met burnout stoners back when I worked in a gas station. Truth be told I'd rather encounter a stoner than a drunkard. However, regardless of what substance someone is on, public intoxication is something that I don't like seeing.

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