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My principal problem with drug laws is philosophical. I was brought up, wrongly it turns out, to believe that liberty was valued in the United States. Sometimes, I thought, we were free even to make poor decisions. Should a man smoke Marijuana? Obviously no. Should a man eat a diet of McDonalds and Burger king and sit in front of the TV for 8 hours at a time? No. But decisions like these were supposed to be left to the individual.

At some point, this reasoning fell out of fashion. Today, our decisions are simply utilitarian calculations. Concepts such as "rights" and the idea that sometimes society as a whole MAY NOT KNOW WHAT IS BEST have been thrown by the wayside. Now we live under they tyranny of the "how does it effect others" calculus. This "reason" is usually a thinly veiled fallacy. All of our decisions have effects on others. For example, the obesity epidemic in the United States will kill many times the number that drugs will. The absolute effect of our nation's poor health decisions will be far, far more costly than all the Cocaine in Columbia.

Call me crazy, but I believe healthy societies leave decisions like these to the individual. I don't care to weigh the "pros and cons" because I don't think it is the right question. The question is, do you really want to live in a society where your rights are no more than magic words?
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