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Anyone who thinks alcohol is less harmful than marijuana hasn't, in my opinion and with all due respect, experienced or observed both enough to really know. The above poster Maas states he has never "done drugs" but admits he drinks alcohol. Alcohol is VERY much a drug. I can't and don't smoke marijuana due to my job. But, I have smoked marijuana and drank alcohol, and I have been around pot smokers and alcohol drinkers enough in my 55 years to observe first hand which is worse. My observations consistently show me alcohol is worse. To the ones who say "I don't drink to get drunk, but people smoke pot only to get stoned"...get real!!! If you don't drink alcohol for the high, even if its a slight one, then my advice to you is quit wasting your money.... water, lemonaid, or coca cola is a lot cheaper. I don't advocate the use of any drug, including alcohol, but I believe many of us are very capable of enjoying a 'high" on the weekend without destroying our lives or society. With that said, I haven't smoked marijuana or done any illegal drug in over 22 years. I'm primarily interested in this thread because the hypocrisy of alcohol users who advocate jail for marijuana users has amazed me for years. I smoked marijuana virtually every day during the entire decade of the 1970's and very rarely drank alcohol. I also managed to make high grades in college and graduate school during that time. During that entire decade, I never was tempted to do other drugs (in other words, marijuana wasn't a "gateway" drug for me). In the 1980's I had to quit smoking marijuana due to my job. I quit "cold turkey" (I hear from some its addictive....bull****!). Since that time, I have not smoked marijuana as I would be fired from my (high paying) job if I were caught. I did take up alcohol however. Totally legal but very dangerous in my opinion. I have done some stupid things while drinking alcohol. I never would have done those things back when I smoked marijuana. From my very personal experience, there is simply no comparison between someone who ABUSES alcohol versus someone who ABUSES marijuana. While I believe either is safe if not abused, marijuana is MUCH MUCH safer than alcohol if abused, at least in my personal experience. I would like to hear of contrary experiences if there are any. I understand there are those who disagree, and we all have our own experiences. These are just mine. Meanwhile, since this is a firearms thread, I think potheads prefer 1911's and alki's prefer Glocks. (Please, regardless of your position on any of the above, DON'T HANDLE FIREARMS only takes ONE mistake!!!!!) Edited to say: As Greg Bell says in the post below, its a philosophical issue. This country is about INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM isnt it?? Aren't we supposed to make it or break it on our own? Who wants to live in a country that tells us everything we should do for our own good? Anyone who does think its legitimate for our country to make such laws had better be prepared to accept laws about what you can eat and how long you can watch tv each day. Isn't it the same logic?

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