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I in no way support the legalization of drugs (never done them either ). Dope is a gateway drug, and will lead to harder ones.
Not true. Look at Amsterdam.

It also has something like three times the carcinogens of tobacco. The question you ask why don't we see dope-smoking hippies with lung cancer? My answer: how many hippies smoke two packs of joints a day?
So what exactly is your point? Cigarette smokers end up inhaling far more carcinogens. You can also get rid a lot of marijuana's carcinogens by using a bong.

Sure, I like the cold beer, but I hardly ever drink to the point of intoxication or impairment. Like it's been noted before, with the illegal drugs, that's all you're doing.
That's right. Alcohol is good and doesn't have to be abused; other drugs are bad and are only abused.
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