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Where to get .303 Savage Ammo

A lot of Savage onwers are either selling, rechambering, or parting out their rifles that are chambered for the 303 Savage Cartridge; mainly the 1895's, 1899's and the model 99's. If all you Savage owners who still have these guns and are not shooting them because it's not economically a good idea ; because one 20 cartridge box of 303 Savage could run anywhere between $39 to $75 per box and some places even more .

WELL!I may have found a way to bring down the price to $20 per box .

I made contact with Reed's Ammunition & Research, LLC (Website)

Below is what they E-mailed me. So if we can get enough shooters to tally the required amount of orders we can show a demand and get this price down. Read their E-mail responce Below:

If we can get enough requests, or if you can find enough folks to put together a bulk order of 1000 or so rounds, we can likely cut the cost to around 20.00 or less per box just depending on what bullets are selected. Keep in mind the 1K order is just the caliber itself, if need be we can load it with different bullets across the whole order, for example, 250 ea of 4 different bullets or 100 each of ten different bullets. Let me know what we can do for you.

Reed's Ammunition & Research, LLC
1209 SW 129th St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73170
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