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Eric, I just went through one of those and it left me broken and wondering what's the use to keep on trying. It also left me jobless and in a bad situation.
The loss of a loved one is hard to cope with and especially if you still live in the same house with all the ghosts of the past to haunt you and torture you.

I decided to take a "vacation". I listed a bunch of guns I don't use or need on the internet for sale and used the money to pay my bills and eat on. I devoted my time to shooting and fishing for the last seven months while I spent a lot of time crying and missing my loved one.
After a few months it has gone away and I feel like a whole man again. The money's getting low, I got no guns I want to sell now and it's time to get a job and get back into the mainstream again.
You will do fine. Concentrate on your work and enjoy time with your friends when you can.
And remember the most important things,
Time heals all wounds,even of the heart.
Even though you loved her,she's just people, there are plenty more.
And somewhere right now there's several people going through what you are.
And a real important one, millions of people have gone through what you are and they're doing fine now.
We all have to continue on. It's our thing to do in life. Make the best of it.
Best wishes to you.
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