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Meth is a problem and folks are going to be getting thier hands on it whether it is legalized or not.

The problem that is killing us is that meth and other drugs can be made outside our borders. On top of that there are large profits to be made by smuggling illegal drugs into the U.S. Until you kill the profit for selling illegal drugs all we are doing is pretty much spitting into the wind and making criminals into millionaires and billionaires, who in turn corrupt our legal system and society with these ill gotten gains. Take the profit motive out of drugs would be the first step in doing something positive instead of the neverending rat race we are in now. You kill some of these cockroaches making and selling this junk and more jump up to take their place. Might be the time to make some hard choices and let natural selection take the weak who wish to exit stage left by drug use.
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