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A lot of this topic has revolved around marijuana and alcohol. I’m 51 and have never so much as taken a hit off a joint and have no desire to do so. Still I believe the analogy between the two, by and large, is a good one.

My problem is with “harder” drugs. I am personally acquainted with one man that has had his life turned upside down when forced to raise two grandchildren (from two separate daughters-in-law) when they became addicted to meth. The children were neglected and abused before they were removed from their “home.” Think legal, purer meth would have solved the problem? I doubt it, and anyone who thinks that the user is just harming themselves, in my not so humble opinion, has never been exposed to the aftereffects.

I personally don’t give a diddly if they legalize pot tomorrow. Besides becoming lazy couch potatoes, and only aspiring to become the Assistant Manager in charge of French Fries at the local Micky D, the few pot smokers I know have not hurt anyone but themselves. Meth, crack and the other drugs? Nuther story entirely. YMMV.

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