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Threads not to make:

Most of these things fall under "hey y'all, ah thawt ah'd share 'this'", although people who talk like that usually don't type their accents phonetically- they just don't know how to type, period.

'This' usually is something you got forwarded in an email. Now, maybe you and your friends enjoy receiving 4 year old chainletters and sending them to each other. Most normal people don't. We've seen it, heard it, read it, and deleted it before. Stop bringing it back. If you're going to share something that you "suspect" might be old, use the search function. It'll take you less time to check that way than it does to type out the braindead contradictory "this is probably oldbut posting it anyway" preface.

Chicks shooting guns in videos. I don't know about you, but I don't get turned into a crazily excited redfaced ape over some bimbo that looks like she stepped out of the 80's or Uncle Al's Trailer Paradise shooting a gun, no matter how she's dressed. It's a woman shooting a gun, yawn. Maybe I'm just one of the normal guys who likes firearms because they are useful, fascinating, and exceptional tools, instead of having some kind of weird sexual/power hangup mixed with them that the antis often trot out as an accusation and that we all deny but know exists with some people. Stop posting this crap, it just makes you (and all the people who reply drooling) look like people who never get any. Being a hobbyist online is bad enough, don't make it seem worse.

For that matter, an old video of some guy shooting a suppressed m4 is also not going to be very interesting to me, but these things aren't as common. There is that one little compilation that starts with a normal glock being fired, but it doesn'tcome up that much.

If, when you copy the witty thing from your email into the 'post new topic' field, you notice that there are more than five columns of >, don't post it. In fact, don't post it period. It's probably that dumb joke about how southerners, republicans, and liberals react to a robber, or a terrorist, or a gangbanger, or whatever stupid variation of that joke it happens to be.

For that matter, that cool quote from the sniper about recoil, the sargeant / rotc instructor calling the reporter a prostitute, the lighthouse and the aircraft carrier, the letter from the farm girl in the marines, the story(s) involving a serviceman and Bill Clinton, and anything that ends with a poem or an exhortation to "send this to everyone you know"... they aren't real. Neither are they notable or new. I'm sorry to break it to you, but that's just how it is. You should know better than to inflict them on others.

On to celebrities. It doesn't matter who is "progun" or who is "antigun" when it comes to movie stars. It really, really, really doesn't.

To be continued.
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