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listen to ART on this one.

Check with your local gamewarden or call up to the state game department to get clarification on the issue (make sure to write down who you spoke with and date time etc.. just in case). As far as my state is concerned with mag capacity it is limited to waterfowl (shotguns no more than 3 rounds) and deer/elk/mt. goats/mt lions where you can only have an auto with a 6 round capacity (called the local game warden to confirm this on my enfield and he said only restriction is on auto's no limit on bolt/pump guns) also went to my states game fish and parks website and looked up the rules and regs for both waterfowl and big game. just google your states GFP site and look at the regs. to get more guidance call the warden. Better to err on the side of caution like what art said, there is no discussion when you get caught doing something that might be illlegal.
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