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Addiction to substances is a personal thing Dust_Devil...

Just because there are people can't handle smoking weed or doing any other substace (ie: immature high school idiots that think of nothing but drugs.) doesn't mean that adults aren't capable of it, and that others should have to pay the price over a small group's stupidity. Kids shouldn't even get their hands on those illegal substances in the first palce, however me being a graduate of the class of 2002, I can easily say that everyone knew who/where to go to get illegal substances, and the sad part about it, is that even the "legal" drugs were as accessible. Abuse and addiction exist in every substance, are you going to ban prescription medication just because pill poppers everywhere abuse the drug? Let's face it the war on drugs is a losing battle, prohibition is an excellent example. Let's also not forget that marijuana has been in human history longer, if not just as long as alcohol and it's only been within the last century or so that it's been villainized as an evil drug. Now what of people that take substances for religious or creative purposes? I also think the other reason people want to make an exception to marijuana is because more people are becoming re-educated about the plant, and the fact of the matter is, there are a lot of medical patients who need it and will use it regardless of laws. They are using civil disobedience in order to try to get the laws to change. Also as for drugs destroying society, I think there are bigger issues destroying our country, and the war on drugs is a slice of the pie in the sense that it's a waste of everyone's tax dollars. I'm more concerned about the Patriot Act and other obscene bills which violate the Constitution, I'm concerned about partyline politics banning gay marrige just to "protect the sanctity of marrige" in a country with such a high divorce rate and where a good number of people are only Christian by name, not by actions. As I've said before, when we let government rule over our personal responsibilities we are taking the easy way out and allow them more control over us.

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