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The war on illegal drugs is NOT about;

The war on illegal drugs is NOT about....

....Just marijuana..... Cocaine, crack, meth, heroine, and all those fancy little colored pills with all the exotic names etc, etc are all part of the game also and are the more lethal drugs. Marijuana may be a less lethal drug, but it isn't the ONLY drug in the war. Marijuana is just the start to bigger and badder things. Marijuana is just a teaser to get people to start on the harder drugs. If you take away marijuana, you help take away people's craving to want those harder drugs.

....If YOU can handle drugs. We don't care if YOU can handle marijuana or did coke or acid a few times and are living happy ever after to tell about it. If drugs didn't have a negative effect on so many other people, no one would complain in the first place.

....Being legalized because alcohol is legal. If you think alcohol is bad, then why add more to the list which will destroy our society? If you want alcohol to be illegal, then work on that and don't make more drugs legal because you think alcohol is worse.

....It isn't about marijuana vs alcohol as I stated before, marijuana is just part of the war and alcohol isn't an excuse to bring in more drugs and chemicals in our society.

....Being legalized because it costs too much of our government spending. Dig a bit deeper in our government spending and you will find that the war on drugs doesn't even compare on all the truly worthless spending that our tax money goes to.
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