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This is a great thread. As usual with most controversial topics people are on opposite sides of a pretty tall fence. My 2 cents:

1. When I was in high school, 25+ years ago, pot, LSD, cocaine and speed (all illegal) were much easier to get than alcohol. My 23 year old son told me through his high school years that this was pretty much the same. Go figure. Illegal substances are easier to get than controlled legal substances. You force something into the black / illegal market, the sellers and users are automatically criminals. They know this so there is nothing to lose.

2. The analogy between alcohol and drugs is relevent. Prohibition did not work and was the driving force behind the exponential growth of organized crime in this country. It also gave rise to increased police powers to "protect us." From what? Ourselves?

3. If you believe that the outlawing of drugs prevents you or your loved ones from potentially abusing them, I would suggest that is a personal rather than societal problem. You must also take that thought, logically to gun control. More control...less crime.
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