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I'm not advocating any type of drug use, BUT, anyone who thinks marijuana is worse for society as a whole than alcohol must not have been around much. I have not used marijuana in over 22 years because of my job. But, given the choice between marijuana and alcohol, it is my very firm belief that marijuana is MUCH less harmful than alcohol. I find it hypocritical that many of the same people who advocate our drug laws are the first to support their right to smoke tobacco, drink alcohol, eat McDonalds. etc. etc. etc. I'm not for criminalizing those things either, but anyone who truly believes marijuana users should be jailed is in my opinion not familiar with the facts, and is not logical when it comes to defining what society has the right to tell me to do with my body. The same people who would be appalled if the government told us what we couldn't eat because it would make us fat and have heart attacks, should be just as appalled that the government would put me in jail if I smoked marijuana in my own home and didnt harm anyone. The logic of people who are proponents of our drug laws is analogous to the logic of the anti-gunners in that both groups ignore the right of the responsible individual for the "perceived" good of the whole. Just as gun law advocates (wrongly) believe that by banning guns we will all be safer, drug law advocates believe the war on drugs stops addictive personalities from destroying themselves. Addictive personalities will destroy themselves regardless of the laws. The drug war has merely made it financially lucrative for evil people to sell drugs and make a huge profit. Meanwhile, society pays the cost for prisons and enforcement which seem to have little deterrent effect as a whole. The bottom line is that we already went through this with prohibition. This is the same thing. It aint going to work, we are spending tons of money for nothing, we make criminals out of otherwise harmless people, we create a lucrative business for truly evil people, and in the end we are allowing the government to trample our rights. Unfortunately there is a whole segment of law enforcement employees who depend on those same laws for job security. Oh well. Think I'll go have another drink.

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