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I believe there are 3 reasons why anyone would want any such type of drugs legalized and that there is no reason to try to get drugs off our streets and out of our society.
1. They are a drug user themselves.
2. They truly never saw anyone such as friends, family or anyone else who abused drugs and have seen the negative effects that they have.
3. They think that the majority of drug users are “occasional users” that can quit at any time.
I support legalization with some controls and,
1) I don't do drugs. I can't say that's always been the case, so I guess you could say I have actual hands on experience there.
2) I have had a few close friends die from overdoses. Had the drugs been legal, its possible that they would have known they were taking a lethal dose, and still be alive today. I have also seen the negative effects manifest themselves in other ways. Legalizing drugs doesn't make them a good thing, but keeping them illegal isn't helping anyone either. Treatment for addiction is very hard to get unless you can afford it, I'd rather see the money we waste trying to rid society of drugs, and put it towards trying to help people who have been hurt by them.
3) If you believe some the statistics compiled by treatment professionals, most drug users arw occasional users, and quit on their own. Growing up when and where I did, almost everyone I knew was at least an occasional user, yet only a small percentage ever wound up getting into trouble, they just outgrew it.

We have been trying for decades to rid society of drugs, yet with all the efforts, we haven't even been able to prevent kids from SELLING them, let alone using them.

The war on drugs was lost a long time ago.
My grandmother was born in 1911.
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