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IPSC match

Shot in my first IPSC match since March on Sunday morning.

(1.) The temperature was over 90 degrees with high humidity by 10:30am. The heat index was around 100. Remember to HYDRATE in hot weather. (The club had jugs of water on 3 of the 5 stages and everybody was taking great care to drink enough -- I didn't see anybody who appeared to be suffering from the heat enough to affect their performance or create safety issues.)

(2.) I've got to slow down a little when engaging targets partially screened by hard cover. In a couple of cases we engaged targets that had only a hit zone the width of the B zone running down the body of the target, with the rest of the target protected by hard cover. In three cases, I got a center A zone hit with my first shot on the target and pulled one just over the line into cover on the second shot. I think it was a trigger control issue rather than being sloppy on the sights.

(3.) I got ahead of myself on transitioning between multiple targets on the last stage and pulled a couple shots into the D zone.

(4.) One of the other competitors noticed that when I was trying to go fast, sometimes my finger broke contact with the trigger as I was resetting the sear for the next shot. I wasn't aware of that at all. I was shooting my duty gun, a DAK Sig, with a L-O-N-G trigger stroke, so that might've had something to do with it.

(5.) Practicing strong hand only and weak hand only shooting is a good idea before any match. The classifier we shot had 12 rounds out of 24 fired with only one hand.

(6.) I did see an experienced master-class shooter using an optically sighted comp gun in one of those funny skeleton comp rigs loose his gun on the draw on the classifier and get a match DQ for a safety violation. He handled it very well and stayed to help RO the other stages. He said he'd never had that happen before, and that it was probably caused by a lapse in concentration while he was trying to go too fast.
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