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John in Jax. Just a little tid bit to make your time in the woods more productive for bucks.
In northern Fla. the rut is usually spread out over a couple weeks during the season. If you must only harvest mature bucks, your task is difficult but, the days following a full moon in Oct., Nov., and Dec. will trigger the estrogen rut in does. They will come into heat the following 3 days alot of the time. Lunar pull, etc. Ask any animal breeder, the full moon is a good bet.
You stand a better chance of seeing ole wylie buck chasing does in heat during that first week after the full moon.
You say you already see does under your stand. You are doing something right! Just optimize what you are already doing by timing your trips by the moon if you can't spend more time in the woods. The ladies are already coming thru your stand area. When the time is right the bucks will come to call.
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